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The hopeful world of technique and beauty

Dispelling Epidemic Craft Exhibition

In 2020, due to the expansion of the new coronavirus infection, great changes have taken place in society. With the good wish to give this era more "vitality", "hope" and "courage", we specially collected the Hakata dolls, glass, Hakata weaving and other crafts with craftsmen’s praying for dispelling of the epidemic, and exhibited them.

Venue Information

[Venue] Kego Jinja Shintokuden [Kitoku, Touyuu]

[Date]  August 28 (Friday) ~ 29 (Saturday), 2020

[Time] 10:00~19:00 (Closed at 18:00 on Aug. 29th)



[Hakata dolls maker]

[Dolls maker]

[Hakata weaving]

[Glass craft]

アートボード 10.png


Tenpyou Taiga

アートボード 4.png

Oni taishou

Moshirou Tobata

アートボード 7.png

Yumemiru zou

Yusuhiro Usuki

アートボード 9.png

Ōzora ni mau hagoromo

Masayuki Kunisaki

アートボード 8.png

Hakata weaving Nagoyaobi shiki

Shigeki Matumoto

アートボード 6.png


Tarou Osoegawa

アートボード 12.png

Gold platinum Damascening Korin

Kuniaki Kuroki


アートボード 17.png

Experience painting on [little monster Amabie]

Fee: 1000 JPY

アートボード 18.png

Experience weaving the Hakata Weaving


Special Exhibition flower art Amabie

Scene of flower art workshop

LIVE on Instagram

The voice of cure masterpiece in singing bowl

Aug.29th (Friday) 18:30~18:50

Singing bowl player Kyoko Takao’s live show

Bring Tenjin’s night the Voice of cure

The venue’s situation, the scenes of craftsmen’s actual producing as well as the craftsmen's interviews, and interpretations of their crafts

Part of the proceeds from this [Dispelling Epidemic Craft Exhibition] will be donated through the [Save Japanese Children] Charity Foundation as support for stopping the COVID-19 infection.


The beyond2020 program is an initiative to promote the appeal of Japanese culture to the world by the government certifying cultural activities and businesses that consider diversity and internationality. Gatou Co., Ltd. supports this initiative.

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