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Hakata dolls of dispelling the plague

Porcelain Painted Doll -- Little Monster Amabie

Prophecy Little Monster "Amabie"


Amabie was a monster from the Edo period that spread to Higonokuni (Kumamoto Prefecture). At night, Amabie appeared from the sea and predicted to everyone: "I am Amabie who lives in the sea. In the next 6 years, the crops will continue to harvest, but if there is a plague, please show people my appearnce." It is said that this is a little monster with half human and half fish. After saying this sentence, it returned to the sea. Basing on this legend, everyone says that Amabie can dispel the plague and protect people's health.


The tile block print of the Edo period that records the legend of Amabie



Traditional craftsman, Doll making master, the Second generation, Moshirou Tobada

1948     Born in Fukuoka

1965     Began to study from the craftsman Moshirou Tobada (father)

1994     Inherited name as Moshirou the second generation

1995     Certificated as a traditional craftsman

2005     Awarded the Traditional Crafts Industry Incentive Award

2012     Awarded the Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Association Award

2016     Awarded the Traditional Craft Industry Award, Hand-made Department Contribution      Award

2018     Awarded the Fukuoka Traditional Crafts Promotion Association Chairman Award


Works were invited to participate in the Western Craft Exhibition, Fukuoka City Art Exhibition,

Hakata Doll New Works Exhibition, Awarded multiple awards

Board member of Hakata Doll Merchants Industrial Cooperative Association

Member of Hakuchoukai

About Hakata Dolls

Hakata specialty clay dolls. Use unglazed dolls made of clay in the suburbs near Hakata, and then apply mud paint. It is said that when Nagamasa Kuroda was building the Fukuoka City in 1600, the tilemaker Muneyoshi Masaki made a doll as tribute, which is seen as the beginning of the Hakata Doll. The production process involves the production of molds, clay forming, baking and coloring, and requires skilled skills. There are many kinds of dolls, including beautiful female dolls, male dolls, children's dolls, and characters that have appeared in art forms such as Noh, Kabuki, and Ukiyo-e. Art crafts derived from traditional skills are still very popular today.

About Porcelain Painted Dolls

About Porcelain Painted Dolls

Hakata clay dolls that have been produced continuously since the early Showa period

Have a quiet, lonely, and fun heart

Even in a rapid changing time, this very cute doll has always been very popular.

Focusing on the use of Hakata clay to carry out traditional creation, is an excellence in hand-made artwork.

It has a history of more than 70 years till now.

Wish the plague will be dispelled by cute Amabie and given an early end.

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