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Kuroki Kuniaki 


Glass craft maker / National outstanding technician 



Redefining the world of "Rinpa" in the Edo period and depicting the traditional beauty of Japan on the glass of western material. 

It is said that the glass artwork "Korin" inlaid with gold color and platinum leaf is synonymous with the maker Kuroki Kuniaki. 

Mr. Kuroki Kuniaki has continuously created unique and classic works by integrating Japanese sensibility and aesthetics into glass (a Western material). 

The masterpiece "Korin" is a gorgeous work in which gold color and platinum foil are cleverly inlaid between multiple glass layers. These works have given the traditional beauty of Japan the brilliance of glass that never fades, and fascinated people at home and abroad. They have completed a new creation of mysterious and beautiful glass materials, which is pleasing to the eye. 

Before the beautiful environment and landscape that continue to this day disappear completely, I want to keep their beauty in the glass. 


Based on this powerful belief, Mr. Kuroki focused on a small workshop in Aya Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, the hometown of trees known for the laurel forest, and developed a "Aya Kiriko" that can express the passage of time from ancient times to the present. art. 

In 2008, as the first Japanese to participate in a large-scale exhibition held at the Ca’pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art in Venice, the glass crafts made by Mr. Kuroki have become a cultural bridge between Japan and the world. 



1945 Born in Miyazaki Prefecture 

1987 Established the Glass Art Palace, Sakiaya Workshop 

1991 Won the title of National Outstanding Technician "Modern Master Craftsman" 

1994 Won the International Culture and Art Award 

1995 Won the Grand Prize at the Paris Peace Art Festival, France  

1996 Won the Rome Grand Prize at the Rome International Art Fair, Italy 

1998 Won the Government Award of the 98th World Expo in Athens, Greece 

Won the Moscow Mayor's Prize at the Japan-Russia Contemporary Art Festival (Tretyakov Gallery), Russia 

2006 Won the Yellow Ribbon Medal 

2006-09 Participated in exhibitions related to " Korin and Hiroshige Tokaido 53rd Developments" hosted by NHK Group 

Domestic: Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum, Tokyo Takashimaya, Osaka Hankyu Department Store, Nagoya Matsuzakaya, Niigata Yamato City Fukuoka Iwataya. 

Overseas: Ca’pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art (Venice, Italy) 

2013 Held "Japan-Taiwan International Art and Cultural Exchange Exhibition" at the National Museum of History in Taiwan 

2013-16 Held 50th Anniversary Exhibition of Glass Creation/ Kouki Memorial Exhibition in major cities in Japan 

2016 Held "Japanese Glass Art and Cultural Exchange Exhibition" in Dubai (UAE) 

2018 Exhibition of Japanese Beauty Kuroki Kunaki Glass Art Hong Kong Exhibition Recognized by the Hong Kong Consulate General in Japan 

Exhibition held at Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Limited 


Ayakiriko three-layer two-color large plate 

New Century Romance, Flower Vase, Gold leaf 

Dance of Scales "Phoenix" 

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