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Shimamoto Yuji 




Mr. Yuji Shimamoto put forward the viewpoint of "correct thinking" in the creation of works. It can also be called "ideological correctness". 

Who am I and why do I live? What is life... 

Mr. Shimamoto will give thought to the work 

That is the process of embodying love in concrete terms. 

Mr. Shimamoto said: "I want to create works that will allow more people to think through art about what is a 'peaceful space' and what is the 'meaning of life'. For this, I will sharpen my skills, while at the same time, it’s more important to face each work with a calm heart like a lake." 

White porcelain can make people feel graceful, as if fluttering in the wind. 

On it, the vibrant flowers are outlined with infinite transparent colors and delicate lines. 

Each piece conveys kindness, softness, strength and warmth. 



1953 Born in Nagasaki 

1985 Started to learn traditional crafts in Mikawachi Town and Arita City 

1993 Open kiln 

1995 Started holding solo exhibitions nationwide 

2000 Present the "Matcha Bowl of Kisakura" to President Chirac  

2001 Presenting a cherry blossom work to Prince Tomohito of Mikasamiya 

2003 Selected in the category of "Real People" in the Faenza International Biennale, Italy 

Solo Exhibition in Ginza Matsuya 

Hold solo exhibitions in department stores nationwide 

2008 Solo Exhibition at Nihonbashi Takashimaya Main Store 

2009 Selected in the New Japan Crafts Exhibition "Light, Time, Space" 

Present the work " Ayaka Sakura" to His Royal Highness Princess Takaenomiya Hisako. 

2010 Exhibited cherry blossoms as a representative of Japan at the Tokyo Dome Tableware Festival "World Flower Story" 

2011 Held a solo exhibition in Hamburg, Germany at the "150 Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Germany" hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

2012 Selected works such as "Arrival" and "Like the eternal wind" at the Japan-France Contemporary World Art Exhibition 

Awarded the exhibition recommended by Paris International Salon " When the light of love fills " 

2014 The work "Great love" was selected in the Japan/France Contemporary Art World Exhibition 

Colors of Seasons 


Pursue the beauty of transparency 

The transparent colored porcelain created by Yuji Shimamoto is famous for its agile shapes and soft color gradation (such as kasumi). Each piece uses delicate lines to draw cherry blossoms and the colors of the four seasons. 

The refreshing breeze gently wraps the intangible into tangible things. 

Can depict infinite things...the happy scene in the heart, as if to feel the breath of life. 

Mr. Shimamoto is trying his best to pursue colors that are as transparent as possible. 

This transparency is similar to the blue of the Aegean Sea. 

Mr. Shimamoto drew delicate lines. Each thin line can express softness, gentleness, strength and warmth. 

If it were not for these lines, these transparent paints would not be able to depict a sense of unity. 

Wanting to express the gentle breeze with porcelain fired at a temperature of about 1300°C, Mr. Shimamoto boldly challenged the shape that is difficult to fire. Moreover, Mr. Shimamoto's original colorful porcelain "Ayaka" is made with 1/100 elaborate special paint. 

In addition, in order to vividly paint the details of the flowers, the characteristics of Japanese lacquered porcelain are also fully utilized, that is, the "stacking technique" using traditional Japanese paint is used to dynamically draw the inside and bottom of the container. 



1 オブジェ 永遠の風のように.jpg

Vase “Happy scene” 

Ornament "Like the eternal wind" 


~Splender~ Bowl "Soujou" 

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