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Nakao Tetsuaki 



銀河釉の焼物 .jpg

Galaxy glazed pottery 

Galaxy glazed pottery is made of a kind of luminous metal crystal, in the complex color change, it looks like there are countless stars. The various metal elements contained in the glaze are fired at a high temperature of 1200 to 1250 degrees to be shaped and crystallized in the kiln. 

In order to produce beautiful crystals, not only scientific knowledge is required, but also the skills of reading and adjusting to natural changes. The dignified and profound brilliance produced by overcoming this difficulty is like a unique galaxy. 

Because exquisite crystallization is a characteristic of galaxy enamel pottery, also called "kiln change crystal glaze", there will be no Galaxy glaze pottery with exactly the same color in the world. 



1952 Born in Saga Prefecture, graduated from the Department of philosophy, Faculty of Literature, Keio University 

1981 Participated in the Kyushu Department of Japan Modern Craft Artists Association, determined to be ceramic craftsman 

1982 Selected as the premiere exhibition of Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition 

Selected for the premiere exhibition of the Japan Art Exhibition (Japan Exhibition) 

1992 The works are collected in the research room of Beijing Central Academy of Art and Design 

Collected by Hangzhou Nanpai Official Kiln Museum 

1994 Collected by the Denver Art Museum 

1999 Won the Dutch Art League Prize at the "Japan Art Exhibition" commemorating the 400th anniversary of the exchange between Japan and the Netherlands 

2001 A.M.S.C Spanish Art Prize 

2003 Won the "Puri de Lion" Special Award and the "Tricolor Art Peace Award" in the Grand Prix of the Revolution of Beauty Exhibition in Paris, France, held at the Louvre. 

Won the "Prix Médicis " Art Prize at The Glorious Neo-Renaissance Exhibition in Florence 

2007 Received the Russian State Academy of Arts Council Prize at the Moscow International Art Fair 

2008 Held the first overseas solo exhibition at Queen Victoria Gallery in London 

Exhibited at Bonhams International Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition 

2010 Royal Thai Princess Soamsawali Art Award 

"Nakao Tetsuaki Ceramic Exhibition" held at Fukuoka Art Museum 

2011 Participated in Christie's "Japanese Art and Design Including Samurai Art" exhibition 

2012 Participated in Christie's "Japanese Aesthetics" exhibition 

2013 Exhibited at Christie’s "ASOBI" 

Welcome to the world of galaxy glaze. 

Since the ancient East thousands of years ago, people have always believed that the stars in the night sky herald the destiny and future of mankind. 

After more than ten years of research, when I discovered that this glaze can remind people of countless stars twinkling in the sky, I named it "Galaxy Glaze". 

I entrusted to the stars in the galaxy through the "galaxy glaze", and closely linked the human yearning for "love" and "freedom" with the future. 

Now, various situations have made this world tense and confusing, and I hope that "Galaxy Glaze" can become a light that shines into the future world. 

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