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Shigenori Matsumoto



Width 210mm/Length 126mm/Thickness 130mm



Comes in a paulownia box (with box written by the author)


*Because it is hand woven, it cannot be mass-produced (15 to 20 pieces per week), so if there is no stock, it will take about 2 weeks to produce.


780 years of traditional skills and beauty Traditional craftsmen weave "now"


"Hakata Ori of Eradication / Goshuin Book Insert"
Weave a popular Japanese pattern with the topical “Ketsu no Yaiba”

"Hakata-ori" is a textile that represents Japan with a history of 780 years and high technology.
Originally, Hakata-ori has the meaning of warding off evil.
Mr. Shigeki Matsumoto, a traditional craftsman who represents modern times, will present "Hakata Ori of Evil", which is a hand-woven Japanese pattern "checkered pattern".


Checkered pattern: An auspicious pattern with the meaning of “eternity”, “development” and “prosperity”

It is a traditional pattern in which squares of different colors are arranged in different ways.
In ancient times, it was also used for the hakama part of haniwa clay figures in the Kofun period, and in the Heian period, it came to be used in the kimonos of the nobility.
In the Edo period, it became popular in Kabuki, and has become a hot topic for the 2020 Olympics, and even for the kimono of Tanjiro Kamado, the main character of "The Blade of Annihilation".


"Amabie" in Ichimatsu Hakata-ori has the tricks that require the most time and effort!

Gimmicking is the process of preparing the thread for the loom, and it requires the most concentration in the manufacturing process of Hakata-ori.

Depending on the material, more than 15,000 warp threads are threaded one by one in a predetermined order through extremely small holes less than 1 mm in diameter.
If even one strand is out of order, the design and texture will be destroyed, so it is a nerve-wracking process, but every time we weave Amabie, we change our tricks.

Hakata-ori is a technique unique to Shigenori Matsumoto.

Hakata Ori of the Eradication, Goshuin Booklet

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